August 28, 2012

施文儀 (Shi Wen Yi), Assistant Chief of the Taiwanese Health Bureau, said last week that he did not think public officials should be elected if they discriminated against gays & lesbians.  He argued that the government must step up and legalize same-sex marriage.

This marks an attempt to break the government’s silence about same-sex rights.  Though explicit antagonism has not been part of any major political party’s platform, few politicians have explicitly supported same-sex rights either.  To break the status quo of invisibility is the goal of many LGBT rights advocates today.

Here is a link to the China Times report.  


September 6, 2012 Update:

According to Cheng Chiwei of Hotline, Mr. Shi has nonetheless continued to promulgate certain incorrect assumptions.  Mr. Shi has said that passing same-sex marriage would decrease the spread of HIV in Taiwan.  Mr. Cheng argues that it is not a question of getting married or not, but a question of condom use and proper education of safe sex practices.  ”Why conflate marriage & HIV?”